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Our goal is to help you make happy memories that last a lifetime and that includes offering RV extended warranties! We offer these types of extended warranties for ALinerCoachmen, Conqueror, DutchmenForest River, Gulf Stream, Heartland, Imperial Outdoors, inTech, Keystone, Lance, Microlite TrailerNeXus, nuCampOpus Camper, Outdoors RV, Palomino, Prime Time, Prolite, Riverside, Soaring Eagle, TAXXA Outdoors, Travel Lite and even on some used RV units!

Many RV owners purchase RV insurance, but like traditional homeowners insurance, there are some things that RV owners may want additional coverage beyond their RV insurance policy. This is where RV extended warranties can be amazing! If you’re looking to fully protect your RV investment, our RV extended warranties can bring peace of mind to you!

An RV extended warranty is an additional optional coverage plan that you can purchase to protect specific components of your RV. This coverage is often used for RV tires, mechanical components and all types of other components. With an extended RV warranty, the components you’ve purchased additional coverage for will be repaired as needed at no additional cost to you. For example, if you’ve purchased an extended warranty that covers your tires and wheels and you get a flat tire while RVing, replacing the tire would be covered by the policy and you wouldn’t need to pay for the repair. However, the exact items covered in your RV extended warranty will vary depending on the plan type you select.

RV extended warranties are generally not required, but many RV owners choose this additional coverage for enhanced peace of mind. RVs and motorhomes are complex vehicles that are often thought of as homes on wheels. There are many parts that need to function correctly to keep it running properly. These RV extended warranties can help reduce any upkeep or repair costs. Our RV experts can work with many types of RV extended warranties. However, our RV experts will help you find the right RV extended warranty!

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