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We believe you shouldn't have to have a HUGE truck, a van, or an SUV to have fun! That's why we at Microlite Trailer specialize in trailers designed for small lightweight and efficient vehicles, including golf carts, motorcycles, and ATVs.


Our goal is to offer a superior product by combining advanced design, quality materials, and innovative manufacturing techniques. You won't be burdened with towing mirrors or electric brakes, but you will enjoy a comfort zone not offered by longer, wider, and heavier units.


Since many home owners and renters don't have room for larger units (let alone the time to use them), we have designed our trailers to be small, economical, and multipurpose. Microlite trailers can be stored in most garages or carports, and are perfect for storing your camping and outdoor gear when not in use.


Microlite Trailers are designed with nature lovers in mind. In addition to being simple to operate and maintain, they also offer a true connection with nature and with one another, something many people have forgotten about.

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